Comic 90 - *!Spoiler Alert!* He Protec

18th May 2020, 3:00 AM in Casual Bongos
*!Spoiler Alert!* He Protec
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Author Notes:

RaesDL 18th May 2020, 3:00 AM edit delete
I know this meme is a bit out of date, but in my defense, I titled this comic when this meme was new. So get ready for two more comics with this meme theme as the titles. :P We are a bit behind in our schedule due to injury.

Anyway, more spoilers, and more spoilers coming up. If you've read The Silver Eyes trilogy, you probably know what's going on. But coming up will be spoilers from the new books of short stories, too. I just want everyone to be aware. 1:35AM will be alluded to a few comics from now. You'll have at least a month to read that if that is in your plans.

We hope you all are staying safe. Thanks for all the wonderful comments. We love reading them. Please post more. We love hearing from you guys so much! See you in a couple of weeks.
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